If a terror attack succeeds then there was an element of complacency, and  training was poor, but if the terror attacks fails because of you, then we are the road to a better future.

BTK/SSTS endeavors to be ahead of the enemy all the time!

We research the enemy and learn by other's mistakes!

 NEW Services for HR, and Employers:

BTK/SSTS not only trains in counter terrorism and security, but can train interviewers, investigators in  Advanced " Body Language Courses", The language of lies.



BTK Is a unique consultancy due to the fact that its courses are given by trainers who graduated from elite US/ Israeli counter terror units, military, intelligence and specialist police units.

By combining US/ Israeli expertise, we guarantee that our recommendations and implementations are accepted by governmental authorities. We provide practical comprehensive solutions for our clients.

We offer complete customized counter-terror solutions.

BTK/SSTS Policy- "Commitment" To make this world safer! BTK/SSTS offers a wide variety of training services in accordance with most international law enforcement agency frameworks, national and state legislation, and security services.

The consultancy can easily assist your officers with obtaining the best real life training based on American-Israeli training.

Expertise, and real time experiences acquired in the Middle-East Wars, Far East conflict, Intifada (Arab Revolts) uprisings and the numerous terrorist attacks that have taken place in and out of Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Europe, and the USA.

We are  committed to provide, supply the best counter terrorism and security awareness training available.

"Prevention is better than cure" 

We  work hand in hand with former security/intelligence  operatives, IDF, US and police special forces that bring the best in counter terror and security awareness training available today.

We have a security motto  "Prevention is better than cure"

All of our security forces have adapted the same ideology and we are convinced that by adopting this policy that terrorism and security threats can be contained to a minimum level but even with that in mind any successful terrorist attack is demoralizing for the civilian populations of any country.

The biggest problem facing all security forces today is the success of any terrorist organization, that the success reflects on the training levels of the law enforcement forces, and the military dealing with the aftermath of such terrorist successes, that they themselves will realize that their training standards are not what they should be in order to contain the terrorism to a minimum tolerable level.

However with that in mind no successful terrorist attack is acceptable, even at the lowest levels of damage to our societies and its citizens. 

 We partner with many police training and preventive security organizations to promote top security training world wide.

Legal Jargon:-

We are   aware that most of the methodology in use by us, is not difficult to adapt to  most European or US Legislation! However we  feel  that most of the training offered by us can be adapted to general every day use by security forces and police without retributions or fear of prosecution by the courts.

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