BTK/SSTS is the only training consultancy with a seminar program that can identify terrorists impersonating diabetics that have surgically implanted bombs and expose them before they can board an aircraft.


BTK/SSTS will be training soon in Kenya a  counter terror/preventive security seminar hosted by Computaz Systems in Nairobi and is partnering with the owner -Mr. Kibeu Gacuca 
















Counter Terror & Urban Warfare

The following course seminars for presentation:

Suicide Bombers, management & containment.1 to 5 days. 

Suicide Car and Truck Bombings.1 to 2 days.  

History of Suicide Attacks. 1 day course.  

First responders to terrorism.1 to 5 days.  

Drug trafficking and terrorism.1 to 2 days  

Border Control Course. 1 day course.  

Intelligence, security and kidnapping.2-3  days' course  

Advanced Body Language Course. 1 to 1.5 day course.  

Identification of Middle Eastern Travelers.1 day course.  

Israeli Airport Security,.1-2 days course . 

Terrorism analysis and the effects on World Aviation. 1 day  

Aviation security awareness course, 1 day plus.  

Infiltrating Sleeper Cells and Organized Criminal Gangs 1 day course.  

The Militant Islamic Threat.1 -1.5 days course.  

Counter Mass Homicide Course (Mall and Campus Security) 1 day course. 

Bomb threat planning and Management 1 -1.5 day's course. 

Media under fire, security awareness course for TV/Media operating in hot spots. 1 day course.  

Who is the Shahid (Islamic Martyr). 1 day course.  

Know the enemy. 1 day course.  

Shopping mall security awareness. 1 day course.  

Rail transport security. 1 day course.  

Places of worship awareness course. 1 day course.  

Sensitive installations (Refineries/ petro-chemical plants, oil and gas exploration platforms) security awareness course. 4 days course

SUO training courses theoretical insight to Israeli police/security services intelligence- 5 days course classroom seminar.  

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N.B.-The above courses may run over the times stipulated owing to class interactions, exercises, and the use of hired interpreters where applicable.

Keynote Presenters

Chris Moghalu

Daniel Sharon

Course Overviews

Suicide Bombers

This course will provide detailed information on suicide bombers. It also compares the different techniques, research, development, competition and characteristics of various terrorist organizations in the world, which rely on the suicide bombers to achieve as much carnage as possible. The course will include the uses of body language and intelligence as one of the tools for assisting departments, in daily operations, to contain, manage, and eliminate the suicide bomber threat.

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Suicide Car and Truck Bombings

This course is designed to introduce to officers the dangers of suicide car bombers as a mode of operation used by terrorists. After completing the course officers will be able to use body language to identify suspicious drivers, identify suspicious vehicles, verify drivers intentions through his reactions, and realize whether or not the vehicle is a car bomb.

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History of suicide attacks

The course is an introduction to the history of suicide attacks throughout the ages, from the biblical days of Samson and the Philistines up to modern times, showing the development of suicide attacks and logistics used to deliver and terrorize populations throughout the world, during World War 2 by the Japanese and the Nazis up to the modern day suicide bombers that have emerged from the various Islamic Extremist Terror Groups and other Para-military groups such as the Tamil Tigers, The IRA, Extremist political splinter groups.

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First Responders to Terrorism

The course is targeted to a multi dimensional security audience of police, security guards, undercover agents and tactical response units. The course is designed to equip the patrol police officer, security officer and all security personnel with the necessary knowledge and training to be an active first responder in any terror related incident that he or she may encounter.

The instructor will give the audience all the necessary training to act with split second timing and on the spot reactions to prevent a terror incident from taking place at any given place, whether it maybe an airport, seaport, shopping mall, school, university, place of worship, train or bus station, petro/chemical plant, hotels, or any public institution.

The audience will see how to become an active first responder by using Advanced Body Language Training (360 Degree BL ID).The audience will see how to take the shot in a spilt second decision under duress and will be shown simulation plus practical shooting exercises on a firing range.

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Drug trafficking and the links to Terrorism

Countries throughout the world, whether in the Middle East, Europe, USA and Latin America have been plagued with the problems of how to contain the flow of dangerous drugs, attempting to curb the traffic of narcotics and to block the direct funding of terrorism and criminal organizations by it. The instructor will show the audiences who the main suppliers of "Global Narcotics" are, their links world wide to "International Terrorism", "Money Laundering Operations", third world countries involved in such trade and who is protecting their country's interests to capitalize on human misery and fear.  The instructor will also show how the drug lords intimidate peasants by kidnapping, extortion and murder as a tool against law enforcement involved fighting Narcotics trafficking.

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Border Control

The state of Israel has always taken pride in it's way of dealing with border control having being surrounded on all sides by vengeful Arab States and Terror Organizations seeking it's destruction by any means possible whether by infiltrations over the borders or general wars, armies against armies. Since Peace accords were signed by Egypt and Jordan in recent years most of Israel's Borders with the former are generally quiet and enjoying trade and peace with its neighbors, other than criminal and terrorist elements involved in cross border terrorism, drug smuggling and other criminal activities. The instructor will show the audience how to contain illegal criminal traffic and terrorists from penetrating its borders, and to contain it to a minimum.

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Intelligence, Security and Kidnapping 

This seminar will be broken down into  various stages of intelligences, tactical intelligence, HUMINT, Operative and tactical intelligence, preventive intelligence in security by better understanding intelligence as a tool for gathering information, helping investigations, planning operations, assessing given situations, evaluating sources of information, and counter-acting potential threats. The instructor will give multi-dimensional training in all fields of intelligence procedures, with the emphasis on counter terror prevention, serious crimes and organized crimes, counter intelligence to contain and expose potential enemies whether terrorists or criminals.

Counterintelligence, activities, tools and techniques. Gathering, collecting and analyzing. HUMINT, OSINT, TECHINT. Intelligence project leader. Team leader and responsibilities. Monitoring operational activities. Premonitory Intelligence. Intelligence communication and management. Interrogation and interviews. Covered operations. Program investigation and tools. Best practices.
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Countering kidnapping by terrorists:- 

Terrorism definition: four-note definition, characteristics of contemporary terrorism, the value of premonition and prevention. Counter-measures: techniques for planning preventive protection of potential victims.Ordinary and extra-ordinary: preventive preparation of the tools and the organization of protection of the potential victim according to the work plan. Emergency plans and activities to support the ordinary plan. Intelligence extra ordinary in terms of special operations. Special operation list to prevent attacks finalized to prevent kidnapping. Intelligence in terms of collection analysis, indicators and warning intelligence. Vis a vis terrorism indicators. Threats area: necessary equipment to control the area, tools and techniques. Active terrorist groups: analysis on creating counter-kidnapping plan on the bases of potential terrorist groups threats. Kidnapping as an instrument of terror, also to serve as an example to others. Terrorist potential victims, victims for ransom, extortion for political gain, specific gains, symbolic victims .

Measures:- Pre-attack activities: Coordination security and system controls, personnel security, coordination and communication management procedure. Coordination and necessary preventive information shared with public Authorities and Embassies of Countries involved in the protection, kidnapping/execution. (Security and intelligence activities).

Uses and the advantages of intelligence as an inseparable system for security.

 The course will show the meaning of Intelligence and the importance and support to National Security with several case studies in the world. This includes the feeling to be a security agent or an intelligence agent. The mentality to plan a project investigation, depending on the internal and external situation: logistics and others constrains on the different fields.

 Operational intelligence support for security

 The course is designed to show all the activities to plan and perform on intelligence operation supporting  Security Managers. Intelligence Life cycle, plan of detective's activities to grant security to critical Infrastructure. Communication process management and investigations tools and techniques on performing  investigations.

 Intelligence sharing, cross checking for evaluation and value of the information received

 This program aims to improve the methodologies to share information with headquarter with or without GSM, WI-FI in case of attack. Support intelligence, and preventive activities on ushering information. Investigations tools and techniques to avoid risks in particular dangerous situations and coordination with Health first aid.

 Intelligence processes, identification, and the understanding of a particular incident

 Processes on crime scene analysis to identify quickly  proves to understand the incident and to start the proper investigations activities to prevent others similar events. The importance of the 5 �W� and the use of it. Counter-intelligence and Counter.-surveillance on operational activities to support security. Time management,  communication on critical situations and the importance of the particulars.

 Intelligence supporting on-going investigations, evaluation and procedure implementation

 Interrogations techniques in considerations of the situations and the persons to interrogate. Personnel security for investigation agents and persons involved in some particular cases. How to be or to behave like a Ghost in some particular cases and the communications procedures. The investigations constrains during dangerous and particular situation. Recruiting and management of civilian personnel to collect information. Several type of technique to get proves during counter-intelligence activities.

 Intelligence- The importance of technical intelligence (Techint, IMINT)

 The importance of techint and case studies. IMINT and different kind of technologies. The importance of satellite sharing with others Countries and the technology to monitor soldiers and policeman during a  crisis. The differences from West and East processes and methodologies in consideration of the political culture and military approaches. The prevention as political instruments to avoid attacks. Controlling detective process, tools and techniques. Surprise or to be surprised in differnet situations and case studies and psycological approach.

 Intelligence- Controlling agent's emotion and emotional intelligence, humint covert ops

 Control agent's emotion and emotional intelligence, human intelligence covert operational activities. Counterintelligence on counter-terrorism  exercises. Simulations and comments. Definition and the importance of OSINT in same cases, tools and techniques and best practices. General Intelligence anaisys and methodology with particular importance on corrective activities and intelligence up-date information with head-quarters  Interface between intelligence, security and headquarters on monitoring critical facts.

 Intelligence- Shadowing techniques with technical support or without, disguisemethods in sometimes dangerous situations

 Shadowing techniques and methods with or without technology in some particular cases. Disguises techniques in some particular dangerous situations. False  leads and disinformation to grant national security or critical infrastructures security (When, why, how). Best practices and standards processes. The rules and the coordination of  agents during operational activities with or without technologies.


Parallel situation and cross checking information analysis. Management of different teams, and risk management analysis. Electronic sweepings for security area and premonitory criminal activities. Best practices on premonitory intelligence. Best rules on recruiting someone just in time in particular cases. Best practices on recruitment investigating agents for HQ Security 

Advanced 360 Degree Body Language Course

The course is targeted towards an audience of Military and Police Commanders, S.W.A.T., Security Chiefs, Airport/Seaport Security Personnel, Immigration Personnel, The course will show the use of 'Advanced Body Language' as an inseparable support tool in the prevention of terrorism and the identification of potential dangers. The course will show the specific use of 'Body Language Identification' instead of the reliance totally on Technology as an indicator of danger. The course will show the advantages of 'Body Language Identification' in contrast to any other modern day gadgets in use today by security.

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Identification of Middle Eastern Travelers

The goal of this seminar is to equip persons working in a security environment in any airport or seaport to be able with the use of Body Language/ Intelligence to be able to identify travelers from any Middle Eastern country, by their passport, cities, towns, villages, regions, physical make up, Arabic accents, whether or not they pose a threat.

The course is designed to expose terrorists, before they can become a threat and will provide intelligence of possible attacks in the making.

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Airport Security

The goal of this seminar is to teach law enforcement and security personnel how to identify terrorist threats, in an airport environment, before they are carried out. Students will learn the Human Factor is the root cause of threat and nothing else. Students will understand how to contain and curb Suicide Bombers,and all those who wish to harm innocent people through the use of Body Language and Intelligence. Students will understand how to identify travelers as genuine persons or potential threats, at the same time they will understand how to prevent such threats from entering an airport terminal to carry out an attack.
Since airport security has apparentltly got tighter as the threats are growing with the turmoil from the Middle-East and Norh Africa, the Global Jihad have introduced new threats to  tackle and these are the uses of surgically implanted bombs, and persons impersonating diabetics in order to explode the bombs on passenger planes, and get onto planes unhindered as these bombs are difficult to detect, unless highly trained agents that are experts in "body language identification".

New from BTK training! How to identify terrorists using advanced 360 degree body language that have surgically implanted bombs, that impersonate diabetics that are carrying syringes to inject a catalyst into their bodies to set off Nitro- Penta or PETN as it is known by bomb experts!

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Terrorism Analysis and the effects on Aviation

The goal in this seminar is to teach the participants that El-Qaeda is not the only player in Global Terrorism, and there are others in the fields that are a bigger threat to world airports and aviation as a whole. The presenter will show that there are far more groups who can muster ten fold the fire power and logistics of El-Qaeda, who are supported by radical regimes, such as Iran and Syria and virtually have endless resources to carry out major attacks.

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Aviation Security Awareness Course

This seminar is targeted to an audience of TSA, Air line security, air marshals, and air crew members. The course is in direct response to a personal incident on  Delta Flight 86 from New York to Tel Aviv in September, 2009. A Palestinian woman that went berserk on the flight was restrained by me and had I not restrained her, a security incident would have occurred; involving an emergency landing. The woman on landing was handed over to the Israeli Authorities by me and detained.

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Infiltrating Terror Sleeper Cells and Organized Criminal Gangs

This seminar is targeted to a wide audience of police and intelligence agents. It will show how Israeli Police use intelligence methods to infiltrate terror groups and the methodology, which leads to containing and managing terrorism. From this seminar officers will learn different approaches to gathering intelligence against terrorists, an understanding of the problems associated with guarding International borders, and the importance of the use of multilingual officers. Students will be able to blend into terrorist organizations and criminal gangs. Students will become skilled in identifying whether a person is from a particular area by linking his name with his town or village and be able to tell if a person is being truthful about his identity.

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The Militant Islamic Threat

The goal of this seminar is to teach students how to identify the militant Islamic Threats against us in a democratic society. This seminar will show how to understand the reality of the threats against the USA/Europe. The instructor will present a historical review of terrorism and identify countries that support terrorism and Islamic radicalism. He will explain terrorist activities up to September 11th, 2001 and give a historical review of global terrorism. This seminar will show why America, Britain and Israel are hated so much and how to contain the threats by awareness and understanding of problematic issues in the Middle East and the Palestinian questions. The course focuses on the motivation to carry out attacks against the US/Europe and the advantages to radical Islamic movements of such attacks as well as what can be done to by the security personnel to stop them.

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Bomb Threat Planning and Management

Bombings, attempted bombings and bomb threats can cause extreme disruption, fear, and even panic in organizations whose personnel are not trained to handle such situations. Inappropriate and costly management decisions are often made due to a lack of organizational planning and a methodology for handling bomb threats, suspicious packages, and actual devices. This program is aimed at personnel in Government, Police Commanders and Private Industry who wish to improve their understanding of the growing bombing trend, and who are responsible for or have a vested interest in planning for protection against such events. Information on bombing trends and targets will be discussed, along with specific concerns pertaining to bomb threats that should be part of vulnerability assessments, planning, and decision making. Detailed information will be presented on developing a bomb threat plan, employee training and management decision making.

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Media under fire course

Media operating under very dangerous conditions in hot spots around the world where the reporting crews come under attack from radicals and Para- military groups are what are known as easy targets with many of them that are killed, wounded, kidnapped and subjected to atrocities. The course is designed to show with security awareness training in such areas, how to survive and stay alive.

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Who is the Shahid?

An insight to the Islamic Martyr (Shahid). The course seminar examines the motivation, psychological motivation to want to die in the name of Islam, from the recruitment through the learning centers, training in the terrorist group, indoctrination and the brainwashing and the belief that the martyr will find the "Garden of Eden" and 72 virgins that will serve him when he meets Allah

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Know the enemy

An insight into terrorist counter measures against security forces, which examines how the terrorist groups survey police and security operations against them and form a counter plan to avoid capture and exposure. The course examines the ways in which a terrorist is instructed by his operators, the terror training manuals and basic instructions that they receive in order that they may have to succeed in their operations against the security forces.

It gives an insight into Israeli security counter measures to foil the terror group's plans.

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Shopping mall security awareness course

The course will show security managers Israeli methodology in preventive security at shopping malls after countless attacks and the need to place security guards outside mall entrances to prevent terrorists from entering a mall and carrying out mass murder. The course will show what logistics are needed to prevent such attacks from occurring. The course will show the training methods involved to ensure the safety of shoppers at a mall.

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Rail transport security

The course will show how to implement security awareness in railway stations in the light, and the aftermath of the bombings at Madrid train station and the London underground system. The pitfalls and the vulnerability of the rail systems all over the USA and Europe as a whole.

The instructor will show how to prevent terrorism from striking at these vulnerable forms of transport.

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Places of worship security awareness course

The course is targeted to police, private security companies, churches, synagogues and all places of worship as one .In contrast to other security awareness courses, this is a course which has a slight difference, in the concept that there are two bodies involved at any particular location, whether it be a church, synagogue or a minority temple. The two main bodies involved are the security companies that employ guards and the place of worship, where the congregations have to appoint security wardens alongside a security guard to identify the local congregation and to deter strangers from entering the building unchecked. The role of the security warden is purely voluntary and is not intended to replace the guard's role in the prevention of terrorism or violence against the place of worship. The warden is there to assist in identifying the congregations of the various denominations at risk. All Western religions, especially Christianity and minority religions are at risk from Islamic Radical Terrorism. The warden will only be on duty during prayers or functions outside the place of worship alongside the guard. Both will be trained to identify potential threats.

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Oil/ Gas installations/Petro-Chemical Plants Preventive Security Course

The course is a 1 -2 days training seminar and will show the attendees, how to protect a major installation, at the minimum of cost to the administration, it will show that humans are the source of all security threats and not things! It will show how to secure an installation while using existing equipment installed for security purposes. Other than the extra cost of building and adding concrete obstacle blocks at access points, there should be no serious additional costs to the clients in maintaining a tighter security complex. The course is intended to minimize the possibilities of a mega terror attack/or a combined attack on multiple facilities  taking place at major oil/gas or chemical installations, including land or sea based exploration platforms. It will show how to identify the dangers. It is not intended to replace tactical police units as responders to such incidents but to aid the security working at the plant and to show them how to analyze the dangers and threats, and to be able to act as first responders at any given location.. The attendees will be shown how to slow down the possibility of terror attack being successful by the implementation of circles of dissuasion as a frontline defense against any would be terror attacks 

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Classroom Workshop SUO

Deals with the theoretical side in collecting intelligence
Introductions to Subject under Observation (SUO) by the police and the intelligence community, Intelligence collection.
How to infiltrate into terror cells using demographic classification
How to infiltrate criminal gangs using demographic classification
How to identify Middle Easterners by their country, demographic profile, family trees, names etc.
Border control methods based on the IDF methodology of controlling Israel's borders to prevent terrorism, drug smuggling and other illegal  activities
360 degree advanced Body Language Identification and BPR

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Who should attend?

This program is for Airport security, First Responders, Police, SWAT and Tactical Response Teams, Security, Directors, Managers, Loss Prevention & Risk Managers, Security Specialists and Emergency Managers involved in Security Crisis Management. Executives and Business Owners, who are responsible for Security Planning, Operations, TV and media crews, Decision Makers, or those who are parts of a Crisis Management Team would also benefit from attendance.

Aviation/Counter Terrorism, L.E and Security Training Seminars

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