Hi Danny!


Nice to hear from you. I Hope you had a nice time in Nigeria.


The training was really an eye-opener for me. I flew from Owerri to Lagos today. While air-borne, I was just analyzing what you did to that woman  who threatened the stewardess that you neutralized on your flight from the States to Israel!remember? That was a brave and courageous move!!


When I got back to the office after the security training, I went round and briefly explained to my colleagues how to be calm during a fire alarm! Now they call me Phoebe-the emergency expert at work. LOL.


Hope you�d be back to Lagos soon, so I can take you round the city.






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Testimonial from the Brazilian security professional association, ABSEG

We certify that Mr. Daniel Sharon, an Israeli/ UK citizen and Director of Sharon Security Technology Solutions (, was in Rio de Janeiro, between 16 and 22 August 2010, teaching program training in security and counter-terrorism with Israeli methodology. His classes were held at Port Guard Headquarters, a neighborhood of Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro.

We stress that the presented program addressed issues very important as the performance of first-responders in incidents of terrorism, operational aspects of intelligence in security activity (especially the detection of suspicious behavior through an advanced study of body language), with the security planning aiming to prevent suicide bombings or sabotage with explosive devices or car bombs, methodology Israeli airport security dependency and other sensitive installations such as petrochemical industries, power plants, bringing the Brazilian professionals a set of extremely useful and timely lessons.

With the big background, we congratulate Mr. Sharon Daniel for the excellent work and continue working on attracting the training of security professionals increasingly empowered, essential for ensuring the good people in a world made more uncertain by the terrorist actions.

Respectfully yours,

Vinicius Cavalcante


Regional Director ABSEG, Rio de Janeiro State.


The above testimonial was translated from Portuguese!




                                                                                                                     Bologna, 27 September, 2010

To whom it may concern:   


Professional recommendation and assessment of Mr. Daniel Sharon


The company IOSAGENCY Ltd, legally represented by Mr. Marco BAIONI, born in Rome, Italy, June7th, 1961,i hereby  certify that I live  at the same address as my company,  I declare and certify that Mr. Daniel Sharon, Director of  "Sharon Security Technology Solutions", several times in the past was commissioned by our company, to come to Italy, (specifically in the city of Bologna) to hold seminars and conferences in his field of qualifications  as, a technical and strategic Israeli lecturer of Anti-Terrorism and Operative  Intelligence. Those activities have always been carried with maximum precision, profit, and professionalism.


The participants at the events organized by us and which Mr Daniel Sharon was lecturing that came basically from special organizations of Italian State Security(Police and Army) and they have always confirmed, during all the organized events, their particular appreciation of the presentations of ex commander Daniel Sharon  and their gratefulness to have been acquainted with him. They were totally convinced and satisfied by his vast knowledge, capability, professional commitment and as a talented communicator.


Marco Baioni CEO

IOS Agency Ltd

Bologna, Italia 





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