Terror alert!

Quite recently the British intelligence agency MI5 exposed a plot to implant explosives into the body  to avoid detection by security scanners, and sniffer dogs at the airports in the UK.


Apparently this new terror method has no way of being prevented by the standard procedures in place at airports, as the terrorists impersonate chronic diabetics that need Insulin injections and any person who declares that he/she is a diabetic is allowed to pass security unhindered, other than the standard security checks in place.


Details of who is involved in this kind of terror threat and who is preparing terrorists to carry out such outrageous acts will only be provided at the training seminar!


SSTS has the answer and provides the training needed to foil the new threats!


Counter Terror & Urban Warfare

Civil Aviation Security

Physical & Electronic Protection of Sensitive Installations

Organization & Analysis

Training Program - Advanced Training

Specialist classroom training seminars

Installation security

Advanced fighting theories

Counter Terror & Urban Warfare


Israel has a long history and extensive experience in dealing with terrorism in all terrains and complicated situations. This course will deal mainly in the principals and tactics in combating the enemy in an urban environment


Civil Aviation Security


Israel has over 40 years of experience in dealing with aviation and airport security. The course will provide extensive training in identifying, containing and neutralizing all types of threats.

Physical & Electronic Protection of Sensitive Installations


The course will provide extensive & professional relative training to personnel of all levels, "The concept of an integral security, the elements of security, the security circles, the circuits of security". Types of security Modus operandi of the adversary VIP and Executive Protection.

Organization & Analysis


Analysis of Operational Needs & Threat Evaluation.

Equipment Specifications & Human Resources 


  Specialized Training

  Commanding Level

  Negotiation Teams

  K-9 Units

  Sniper & Sharpshooters

  Anti Sabotage

Training Program - Advanced Training


Urban Warfare including Airports, Hotels, Schools, TV & Radio Stations, Mosques and Key high level installations. The latest addition to our training is what others have not implemented by incorrect analysis of the threat levels pertaining to latest terror techniques.


BTK/SSTS has developed a counter terror training method to minimize the surgical implanted bomb threat


Specialist classroom training seminars!


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First responders to terror.

Advanced 360 degree Body Language.

History of suicide attacks.

Narco -terrorism training.

Suicide bomber containment.

Who is the Shahid.

Intelligence and suicide terror

Suicide car bombs.

Media under fire awareness course.

Security logistics.

Know the enemy.

Air and seaport security.

Identifying threatening travelers.

Aviation security awareness course.

World's worst airport security.

Terrorism analysis and the threat to aviation.

Border control courses.

Security awareness at places of worship, synagogues, churches   etc.

Police Intelligence, and penetrating criminal gangs.

Infiltration into Islamic Terror Cells.

Bomb planning and management course.

Oil refinery and chemical plant security.

Schools and university security.

Islamic threat to the world.

Perimeter security.

Mall security.

Casino and entertainment security.

Rail transport security.

(SUO Course for intelligence units) Subjects under observation course.   An insight in verifying and cross checking intelligence at the source and   from overseas based on Israeli Police, US Police, FBI, Italian Police's experiences of organized crime and intelligence assistance for border control, containing infiltration of undesirable elements, international criminals and terrorists.

Installation security






Shopping malls.

Places of worship.

Key & Sensitive Installations

Interception unit

Aviation/Counter Terrorism, L.E and Security Training Seminars


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