Senior Warrant Officer Daniel Sharon-Biography

Daniel (Danny) Sharon is a retired 66 year old Israeli Police Commander from Northern Israel. Danny has over 25 years of police and military training; Danny was a reservist for 11 years in the Israeli Army Alpine Anti-Terror Ski Patrol Unit on the Syrian-Lebanese Border at Mt Hermon.

He is an instructor in the following fields: Intelligence, Advanced Body-Language, Suicide Bomber Containment, Suicide Car and Truck Bombings, Bomb Planning & Crisis Management, Perimeter Security, Border Control, Israeli Airport Security Methodology, History and Motivation of Suicide Terror, Infiltrating into Islamic Terror Cells and Criminal Gangs, Comp stat, Identification of Middle Eastern Travelers, Campus and Shopping Mall Security, Securing Critical Infrastructures, Media Preventive Security in dangerous areas.

He excelled in the development of a Counter Suicide Bomber Plan, for armed and unarmed security personnel, after disarming and neutralizing a suicide bomber during the Intifada (Arab Uprising in 2000).

He personally witnessed and was present in 5 suicide bombings in the Jerusalem shopping precinct, Nahariya and Binyamina train stations.

He has been awarded commendations in the past by the Inspector General, and the Northern Police Commander.

During the years 1994, 1995, 1996, exposed with the security services a Syrian spy ring on the Golan Heights

Thwarted an Anthrax attack through the mail from Syrian planted spies and agents in Druze villages in the Golan area.

Reduced crime by as the Northern Golan Heights Police Commander at Massade by 20% between 1998 and 2002, when he retired from the police.

Danny's experiences and expertise are all real time from personal incidents, experiences, and not from any text book, and he is affiliated as an adjunct instructor with the US Homeland Security Defence Coalition College and University in Rochester, New York.

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