BTK/SSTS -Tech Security Products Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria&  Israel 

BTK is a specialist security consultancy that was part of and, helped to shape the US/Israeli counter-terror combat techniques. The consultancy is based on top professional combat soldiers, and security operatives, who have graduated from elite combat units and served in the US Army Intelligence, Israeli Police and the IDF.

BTK offers professional courses and training for all police, military and operational security units at all levels.

BTK offers a comprehensive up to date range of Anti-Terror solutions for government institutions.

The consultancy provides a variety of training plans, according to customer requirements.

The consultancy is run by Major Chris Moghalu, (US Army Intelligence Ret) and  SWO Daniel Sharon (Israeli Police Ret), experts in counter-terrorism, security training and operative intelligence.


BTK Team of experts 

 Training Partner&Instructor, Nigeria

Major Chris Moghalu, US Army Intelligence Rtd

BTK-Tech Security Products Ltd

1B Omirinre Johnson Close,

Lekki Phase 1,Lagos,Nigeria



Training Partner& Instructor, Israel

Danny Sharon Israeli Army& Police  Rtd

SSTS, Israel


Aviation/Counter Terrorism, L.E and Security Training Seminars

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This should have never been allowed to happen, and we are  sure that it can happen  again, unless the right training attitude is adopted!

See BTK/SSTS Advanced Airport/ Aviation Security Courses programs that have no competion in their delivery and quality of learning, all based on the USA/Israeli Experience and Expertise!

Training news!

BTK and SSTS are now one training consultancy  having amalgamated  where BTK-Tech Security Products Ltd, being based in Lagos, Nigeria is the HQ, headed by Major Chris Moghalu, US Army Intelligence Retired, a former veteran of  the Iraq and Afghanistan spheres of conflict, along with SWO Daniel Sharon of what was  SSTS spearheading the anti-terror  training, being based in Israel.

BTK  hosted a comprehensive advanced security awareness training program with Zenith Bank Ltd. A major banking consortium in Lagos, Nigeria, training center on  December 6th/8th, 2012.

In July/August 2013 BTK trained Diamond Bank employees in advanced security awareness, counter terror, and preventive bank robbery training venues. 

 In March 2013 BTK/SSTS trained the NNPC in counter terrorism, security awareness, and body language training venues.